Calling all Innovators in Oakland (Government)

Looking for innovators and change-makers in Oakland’s City Hall

At OpenOakland we get to work with people inside city hall and across this great City. We see hard work, creativity and good things happening all over- what we don’t see is that creativity and innovation being recognized publicly, so we’re out to recognize good government. We’re announcing the first ever Oakland Civic Innovators Awards!

We’re looking for nominations from anyone who lives, works, plays or worships in Oakland- tell us about the great things you’ve seen in City government this year- have you worked with an awesomely innovative staff member, experienced thoughtful, genuine engagement on the behalf of a local agency or seen game changing creativity from people you used to just think of as bureaucrats? If so, tell us about it and we’ll be glad to recognize the good efforts that reflect not just the heart of public service and the untold stories of good government in Oakland.

We’ll be announcing the awardees at the 2015 CityCamp Oakland on January 10th, which means this is also an announcement that CityCampOak is back!

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