Elephan Seal Birth @ Año Nuevo State park.

Elephant Seal bonding after birthI got to witness an absolutely incredible moment, the result of incredible timing for our group of middle school kids from Richmond, CA. From when we first saw her in contractions to delivery was only a few short minutes, and a few hundred shots… It was an amazing thing to witness, the mother was showering herself with sand to keep cool and grunting at her neighbors but it all seemed to go easily, quite stunning, only slightly gross.

I’ve be posted a stack of images from the delivery, and the after birth drama with the gulls going ape over the placenta. The bonding after between the mother and pup was really wonderful.

Add to this the fact I’m 3 weeks out from the birth of my daughter It was quite a day, very emotional and very blessed to have witnessed this. Hope it all goes this smoothly for us, only without the seagulls afterwards perhaps?

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