New Year’s Focus

Not the car, the chaos that is my interest, passion and work in life. For a couple of years I’ve struggled to come up with a sensible, manageable approach to being more open (writing) about the diverse stuff that excites and motivates (yep and frustrates) me without creating a confused picture for a certain audience. So screw it, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to segment my thoughts on landscape photography, consumer tech, government tech, open government, democracy, opendata, geospatial, community engagement, social science research, community development, statistics, social justice movements and community development, public service, leadership, hip-hop and faith. No more hours trying to think of cool domain names for each segment of my life, this is me. Like you I’m something of a mess, but I have a lot of fun being this way.

This lil ol blog will wander, diverge, sidetrack and hopefully at times focus.

And there may be some additional lack of focus when my first child arrives soon, but I promise to keep baby pics out of here, did I mention how much I can’t stand Anne Geddes?

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