Whiteness is not an abstraction; its claim to dominance is fortified through daily acts which may not seem racist at all precisely because they are considered “normal.” But just as certain kinds of violence and inequality get established as “normal” through the proceedings that exonerate police of the lethal use of force against unarmed black people, so whiteness, or rather its claim to privilege, can be disestablished over time. This is why there must be a collective reflection on, and opposition to, the way whiteness takes hold of our ideas about whose lives matter. The norm of whiteness that supports both violence and inequality insinuates itself into the normal and the obvious. Understood as the sometimes tacit and sometimes explicit power to define the boundaries of kinship, community and nation, whiteness inflects all those frameworks within which certain lives are made to matter less than others.

Become a (new) part of an amazing history- in Oakland


CALL FOR EXTRAS- The Call+Response/Slavery Footprint crew are filming an MLK walk reenactment this Saturday and are looking for African American males aged 30-50 to participate as film extras.

Looking for men in the 30s to 50s, dressed nicely (see reference photo). Call time is 9am, ending around 2p. The location is:

MLK Middle School- 1781 Rose Street, Berkeley, CA 94703

Kerwin Kuniyoshi | Production Coordinator
Office: (510) 488-2456 | Facebook: Made In A Free World | Twitter @Slave_Footprint

How many slaves work for you? Find out at www.slaveryfootprint.org